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Pergola system

Pergola system is an effective, aesthetic and relatively cheap solution for utilizing space in front of a restaurant or pub. view more

Venetian blinds

External façade blinds provide indoor comfort, both thermal and visual. The blinds change the façade`s appearance, giving it an interesting and modern look. All of the components are of high quality and durability against external conditions. view more


SELT awnings provide excellent visual and thermal comfort. Our awnings are made of the highest quality components and serve not only as protection, but also as a decoration. view more

Refleksol roller blinds

External roller blinds for vertical surfaces such as Refleksol are the best solution to maintain a constant room temperature. Refleksol system means natural air conditioning and energy efficiency, as well as visual comfort, aesthetics and functionality. view more


The Sunbreaker system is a highly efficient external shading system, which can also serve as a decorative part of the building. The blades and guide rails are made of thin-walled extruded aluminium, which makes the whole construction lightweight, yet durable.  view more

Veranda roller blinds

Veranda system is meant for covering horizontal surfaces. Veranda blinds are characterized by high quality performance and functionality, providing energy efficiency and visual comfort. view more
Design and functionality - we provide excellent quality
  • Durability
  • Construction made entirely from aluminium ensures long-term use.
  • Safety
  • Venetian Blinds tested and studied in terms of wind resistance.
  • Protection
  • Protection against sun and excessive heating up of rooms.

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    SELT Sun Protection Systems company was established in 1980. We specialize in manufacturing external shading systems.
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