the shadow


  • Application
  • vertical glass surfaces
  • Natural Air-Conditioning And Energy Saving
  • An external shading system REFLEKSOL helps to keep constant comfortable temperature in rooms exposed to solar radiation. At the same time, the application of blinds like Refleksol enables reducing of air-conditioning and, as a consequence, building operating costs.
  • Optical Comfort
  • Through their properties, Soltis and Polyscreen fabrics used in case of our roller blinds guarantee an effective optical barrier to the light coming into the room and eliminate contrasts still preserving good visibility of the exterior.
  • Aesthetics And Functionality
  • The application of an adequate shading system enables to enhance individual architecture of a building. Moreover, a rich offer of fabrics of numerous textures and colours as well as the possibility to lacquer the construction provide the possibility to fit the roller blinds into the surroundings. Mounting the Refleksol inside the building can create even a complete black-out effect, e.g. in cinemas or lecture halls. An optional use of weather control protects the roller blinds from variable weather conditions.
  • Durability
  • A solid aluminium construction and high quality fabrics made of durable polyester fibres coated with PVC ensure prolonged use of a roller blind.
  • Balcony or terrace protection
  • Refleksol system will be ideal for enclosing balconies and terraces. It will protect from heating up or too much sunlight.
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