Venetian Blinds or Refleksol Systems what to choose ?

Sunshades have become an essential part of our homes. They reduce the amount of sunlight entering the interiors, thereby limiting the heating of the rooms and increasing the comfort of the occupants. Due to their effectiveness, we particularly recommend external systems, both Venetian Blinds and Refleksol Systems. The choice of a particular system should be made by the user himself, taking into account several aspects such as: aesthetics, building conditions and the function that the shades should fulfil.
1. Aesthetics: Fortunately, it is not necessary to choose between appearance and functionality. Both Venetian Blinds and Refleksol Systems have their loyal fans - the aluminium structures harmonise perfectly with modern architecture and the wide choice of construction colours allows them to match any façade. The user therefore has to ask himself what suits his vision of the house better and check whether the chosen system can be used in this particular case.
2 Building conditions: If the choice of sun protection systems is not decided at the design stage of the house, the building conditions to which the system must be adapted must be taken into account. In the case of installation in a window recess, where space is limited, the height of the package and therefore the height of the shade or cassette will be decisive - in Refleksol Systems, the height of the cassette is much lower than in Venetian Blinds. Location is also important; in areas exposed to intensive wind e.g. on high floors of buildings, ZIIIP Refleksol Systems are the best choice; these are systems with the highest wind resistance class.
3. Functionality: Both Venetian Blinds and Refleksol Systems effectively fulfil the function of solar protection, but differ in the way they operate. In the case of Venetian Blinds, the user can change the position of the slats depending on the time of day and the position of the sun, thus controlling the amount of sunlight in the interior. However, he or she will not be able to avoid flashes of light entering the interior, and artificial lighting is likely to be required when the slats are fully closed. In the evening and at night, blinds provide privacy by completely shading the interior. Refleksol Systems are closed systems, the diffused light passes through the fabric without creating light reflections, so it is ideal for office spaces. Refleksol Systems allow the use of natural light while reducing the heat entering the interior.  The wide range of fabrics allows you to customise the functionality of the Roller Blind, there is, for example, the option to use the Black Out fabric, which blocks the sun's rays. During the day, Refleksole Systems provide privacy while not blocking the view of those inside the room. At night, however, Refleksole Systems have the opposite effect - interiors are visible from the outside.
4. Ecology: The ecological advantages are considerable in both cases. The reduction in carbon dioxide emissions through the use of sunshades exceeds the CO2 emissions associated with the entire life cycle of the product many times over - from the acquisition of the material to the disposal of the product. In the case of Venetian Blinds, the reduction in emissions is 22 times higher than the production of carbon dioxide, and in the case of Roller Blinds (Reflesol Systems) it is 28 times higher. By purchasing solar shading, not only do we reduce our energy bills and increase the comfort of our interiors, but we also have a positive impact on the environment.
5. Summary: It is not possible to unequivocally recommend just one type of sunshade. In terms of aesthetics, both Venetian Blinds and Refleksol Systems not only match the façade perfectly, but are a decorative element of it. Building conditions are a slight limitation, as there are both a range of models and many installation options. When making a decision, it is advisable to focus on our expectations with regard to the functionality of the blinds and, if necessary, seek professional advice, as only well-chosen blinds will meet your expectations and are a guarantee of a comfortable use.

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